just say Yes

This challenge was commissioned by my ever suffering Dad.

I let him know that I was working with a challenge blog where i was trying to ‘just say Yes’ in circumstances when I would usually say No. So the man who footed the bill for the majority of my life thought I should learn a thing or two about budgeting.

It’s not that I would have said No to this request last week, but more ‘I can’t be bothered’ or ‘I don’t need to’. Although having checked my bank account early this morning and having barely enough money  to by a bar of soap – I can now understand why.

I have worked since the age of 16, earning my own wage and with it my own sense of financial responsibility. For nearly two years I basked in my financial glory with no rent to pay or food bill to…

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life as effy

Trust. Everyone seems to toss that word around, like it’s nothing. “Oh I won’t tell anyone” is a simple lie people still believe. I don’t understand why people believe someone they haven’t known for a long time. I only have trust with 3 people, who I’ve known for quite a while. It’s sad because my trust has been broken so many times. The thing I would have changed is to not trust people so much, the lesson I have definitely learned is “trust is like a mirror once it’s broken you can’t fix it because you can still see the cracks in that mother fucking reflection” – lady gaga

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My name is Michael Gaga-Hale. Im currently seventeen years old and live in London, UK. I have a dog called Ozzie, he is my best friend. I have two sisters, Melissa and Sarah. I have a niece, Isabella and a nephew, Shai.

I go to college in West London and study photography, drama, biology and business. I have an amazing group of friends.

This blog is just going to be all about me really. Well some of it my family and friends! Maybe tell you some gossip or share personal experiences. I will post some pictures that Ive taken and talk about any parties I’ve been too.

FYI Im not that great at spelling so bare with!


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quality of life

Susan Jenkins Writer

I have to admit, I’m not looking forward to getting old. It’s not even a real goal of mine, though I haven’t picked out a time to “stop” getting older. I don’t aspire to be 100, now that I’m over half-way there.

Perhaps it’s from watching at close range as my dear friend declined, gave up her home and moved into a nursing home, at the mercy of others’ goodness or not-so-goodness to care for her needs. Yet I’ve seen what God has done for her over and over during this nearly ten-year period, meeting needs and using her to bless others with her prayers and sharing of God’s goodness.

Many say today that there is no point in continuing to live when the ability to give and do and contribute is gone. This beautiful piece I’m sharing today gives another perspective. I hope you enjoy:

What Is Your Quality…

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Rob van Roy

Love is like the wind You can't see it but you can feel it

“Love is like the wind. You can’t see it, but you can feel it.” – Nicolas Sparks in A Walk to Remember

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