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(The Blessing)Prophetic declaration.

Hear this! child of God,this year you will frustrate satan.They were in dread of the people of Isreal.This year,the more the devil work against you,the more you will multiply,why?Because you have the Blessing,the more they afflict you,the more you grew,which means there is nothing any man can do that can put your back on the ground this year.The Blessing makes you Unquenchable!Unkillable! It makes you like a wind,you cannot be blocked,you cannot be trapped,and you cannot be checkmated.When the enemy plans againts you,you appear in a different zone.They will say who is this man/woman,we plan on this side,he/she appears on a different side;we plan to kill him/her on the road;he/she is in the air,the blessing makes you like the wind.

You are like the wind,they can’t understand you,they can’t comprehend you(John 3:8).The enemy cannot predict your next move.No evil shall befall you,your business and everything that belongs to you.So shall it be for you this year and beyond in Jesus Name.