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It’s amazing how things can work out for the best for you.

My “immaturity” or “prolonged adolescence” (as I prefer to call it)  helps me connect with a teach my son Orlando (who like so many boys these days has attention and focus challenges at school)

Also, an injury (a torn Achilles tendon) slowed me down, taught me greater patience and appreciation and gratitude.

Also, my work as a corporate trainer has taught me how people learn differently.

Also, Orlando’s wonderful teachers have helped me learn how I can best help teach my son.

(This post is dedicated to those wonderful teachers at special education and “conventional” schools and all the kids who want to learn – they just need help – and patience – lots of patience.)

My wife and I went to a special session on how to teach kids with attention challenges. The main message was that…

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Am Isreal Godwin,Am a young guy that makes friend with people of creativity,good characters&behaviours and with moral skills.Am a friendly guy interested with the thing of God and by his grace it shall be well with me and my friends and love ones.

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