By Robert E. Barger
Copyright 1997

Received July 1984

As we start this undertaking, all that is asked is to keep an open mind to what is about to be said. We, as carnal human beings, have a mind that is subject to presumption, in other words, that which encourages belief without proof. And God, our Father, wants us to prove all things.
The presumption we have believed is that we have to die to go to heaven. Another presumption is, we cannot be like Jesus, or we cannot be holy as Jesus was, and is.
Most of the presumption about having to die to go to heaven stems from Jesus himself having to die, and then accending up into heaven to set on the right hand of God the Father. This was his calling, his job, his glory, but its not our calling! Yes…

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Am Isreal Godwin,Am a young guy that makes friend with people of creativity,good characters&behaviours and with moral skills.Am a friendly guy interested with the thing of God and by his grace it shall be well with me and my friends and love ones.

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  1. robertebarger says :

    Thanks for reblogging. We as Christians need all the help we can get to establish Christ’s Kingdom here on earth. My job is to teach the teacher on things pretaining to growth in the Kingdom. Bless you in Jesus name.

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