Don’t listen to devil


The Devil is a liar and every word that he speaks is a lie. If you hear a lie, you can expect that it came from Lucy. His name was originally Lucifer, a beautiful angel of Light but he became a rebellious Satan who is a master of disguise and his tools are seduction and deceit. His purpose is to steal, to kill, and to destroy the souls of men, women, boys and girls. (John 10:10) Every day, people listen to Lucy and his lie. Many souls are headed to a devil’s hell because they miss the plan of God for their lives. How do they miss the plan of God? If Lucy can keep people from hearing the Word of God, Lucy can make them believe the lie. If Lucy has his way, everyone will be lost. If Lucy could make you doubt the Word of God, Lucy can…

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About isrealgodwin

Am Isreal Godwin,Am a young guy that makes friend with people of creativity,good characters&behaviours and with moral skills.Am a friendly guy interested with the thing of God and by his grace it shall be well with me and my friends and love ones.

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